Fuckedometer Manual

Connect to wifi

When the Fuckedometer first powers on, it will attempt to connect to the last wifi access point it connected to. If it cannot connect, it will flash yellow and enter into Access Point Mode.

When the device is in Access Point Mode, you can connect to it and configure it via your web browser. To do this, on a laptop or smartphone turn on wifi and connect to the "Fuckedometer" wifi access point. Then open a web browser and visit the following URL:

This will open a website that will walk you through the process of connecting your device to your wifi. Once it is connected, it will remember your access point and password so that it will simply reconnect when you power it on.

Select "Configure Wifi" from the menu. This will then scan for nearby Wifi access points and display them in a list. Select the access point you would like to connect to. You will be prompted to type in your password. The Fuckedometer will remember this password and automatically reconnect from now on.

If you need to connect to a different wifi access point, but are still in range of the previously stored wifi access point, contact our support and we can reset your device remotely for you.